Norrbotten County, Sweden

Norrbotten County, Sweden

Norrbotten County, Sweden

Norrbotten County, Sweden is the northernmost county of Sweden. It borders Västerbotten County to the southwest, the Gulf of Bothnia to the southeast. It also borders the counties of Nordland and Troms in Norway to the northwest, and Lapland Province in Finland to the northeast.

The name “Norrbotten” is also used for a province of the same name. Norrbotten province covers only the eastern part of Norrbotten County in Sweden – the inland mostly belongs to the Swedish Lapland province (Lappland).

The northern part of Norrbotten lies within the Arctic Circle.

And on its mountaintops you’ll find plenty of places in the snow to pitch your tent. The snow is deep even in April, which is when the photographer here made the trek up Nallo Mountain and decided to stay the night

Norrbotten is big: It encompasses nearly one-quarter of Sweden’s land mass. Given that the county is so far north (part of it lies within the Arctic Circle), it’s not surprising that the population is low. In the Middle Ages this region was known as terra nullius, or ‘no man’s land.’ By the look of it, these campers are enjoying the solitude after a day.  Search things to do in Norbotten. is a leading hotel & travel price comparison site. We use advanced search technology to find the best prices from hundreds of travel suppliers. You can find the best rates on hotel rooms, flightsrental cars and activities.

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